University Travel Insurance

Published: 27 April 2016

The way in which staff and post-graduate students apply for travel insurance is changing.

The way in which staff and post-graduate students apply for travel insurance is changing. Submissions will still be made on-line but now using a new application which will make the process faster, easier and more efficient.

The new travel insurance application has been developed by the Development & Integration team in IT Services and to access log on at Travel Insurance

As a reminder to staff and students, travel Insurance can be arranged for employees, their spouses or partners and postgraduate students provided they are undertaking travel on University related business.

The policy will cover these individuals whilst on a journey either

1.    Outside the United Kingdom  


2.    Within the United Kingdom, but only if -

  • it involves air travel,  or
  • it involves an overnight stay

Individuals are asked to complete their application for travel insurance at least five full working days prior to departure, as this allows time for any potential issues to be resolved with the insurers.

Travellers should be aware that under this new system, they are personally responsible for checking the status of the territory that they will be visiting by referring to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website (a link to this site is provided in the system).

The University’s travel insurance policy also provides additional facilities that can help an individual both prepare for a journey and assist them during the trip. Staff are encouraged to make use of these support facilities which include detailed updates on the location(s) being visited; online travel safety training; and a health portal which gives the employee 24/7 access to an online health clinic that is supported by fully trained nurses in the UK.

For more details visit Duty of care to staff travelling overseas on university business

First published: 27 April 2016

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