Don’t be caught out — new REF eligibility rules apply

What do I need to know?

We don’t know all the rules of the next REF but we do know one thing:
To be eligible for submission to the next REF, the final peer-reviewed manuscript of your journal and conference papers accepted after 1 April 2016 must have been deposited in an institutional or subject repository.
Ensure your paper is eligible for the next REF.
What do I need to do?
Simply forward the acceptance email you receive from the publisher to this email address: as soon as you receive it. The Library will do the rest.
How do I get help?
By contacting the Library Open Access team via  You can  also visit the Open Access web pages where you'll find detailed information.

Image of REF logo and information about making research papers eligible for the Research Excellence Framework

First published: 24 March 2016

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