Profs ahead of students in BBC quiz

BBC Radio 4’s quiz show ‘The Third Degree’ hosted by Steve Punt from universities around the UK was recorded at the University of Glasgow last week.

The show pits three academics against three students of the same subject with a series of general knowledge and specialise subject questions.

It was a very close run game until the staff team surged ahead in the final quick fire round winning with 33 points to 22.

The show will be broadcast this summer: Campus e-News will bring you the date when it's announced..

The staff team:

Dr Norman Gray: Astronomy
Dr Sharon Sneddon: Medicine
Dr John MacDonald: Earth Sciences

The student team:
Aditya Pokharna: Astronomy
Sarah Rae: Medicine
Chris Holdsworth: Earth Sciences

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Third degree staff

First published: 22 March 2016

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