Student Teaching Awards 2016

Every year the Student’s Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs), a fantastic chance for the student community to recognise the outstanding work of those members of staff who have gone above and beyond to make the student experience at the UofG the best it can possibly be!

There were fifteen categories this year and the awards were announced and presented on Friday evening (18 March). Acknowledgements to the SRC.

Winners & Nominations

Best Advisor of Studies:
Winner: Judith Stevenson
Nominated: Ann Gow, Costas Panayotakis & Mike Rapport
Best Class Representative:
Winner: Kelly McComb
Nominated: Catriona Watson, Jess MacSweeney & Yiannakis Kanakis
Best Dissertation Supervisor:
Winner: Eamon McCarthy
Nominated: Deborah Dewar, Iain Banks & Matt Dawson
Best Feedback:
Winner: Stephen Greer
Nominated: Andrew Wilson, David Morrison-Love & Michelle Welsh
Best Postgraduate who Tutors:
Winner: Henna Karhapaa
Nominated: Andrei Catalin Cornescu, Ian Paterson & Robert Dewar
Best Research Supervisor:
Winner: Wendy Anderson
Nominated: Andrea Sherriff, Heather Woods & Mathis Riehle
Best Support Staff:
Winner: Shazia Ahmed
Nominated: Ellen Gallagher, Jean Jackson & Thomas Donnelly
Best Teacher in Arts:
Winner: Michael Bachmann
Nominated: Alan Wilson, Carl Lavery & Henriette van der Blom
Best Teacher in MVLS:
Winner: Catherine Kellett
Nominated: Genevieve Stapleton, Helen Gadegaard & Ziad Al-Ani


Best Teacher in Science & Engineering:
Winner: David Brown
Nominated: Aidan Robson, Christoph Englert & Matteo Ceriotti
Best Teacher in Social Sciences:
Winner: Alexander Whitelaw
Nominated: Adina Dudau, Herve Moulin & Ray Stokes
Focus on Employability & Entrepreneurship:
Winner: Ian Bushnell
Nominated: Allison Orr, Gordon Curry & William McGuire
Focus on International Opportunities:
Winner: Naomi Head
Nominated: Rebecca Kay
Most Innovative Teaching:
Winner: Susan Deeley
Nominated: Dale Barr, Quintin Cutts & Susan Turnbull
Outstanding Contribution to Teaching:
Winner: Dougal Campbell
Nominated: Bob Hill, Edward Tobias & Konstantinos Angelopoulos

 Image of the winners at this year's student teaching awards

First published: 22 March 2016

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