This is a reminder for staff and postgraduate students who have one or more awards from one of the RCUK funding councils, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK or the Chief Scientist Office on ResearchFish and are expected to make a return by Thursday 10 March.

The deadline for CRUK awards is 12 pm and for RCUK awards 4pm on the 10 March.

We expect you already have this in hand so apologies for yet another reminder.  If you have recently had an exemption agreed with RCUK these are not yet showing on ResearchFish so again apologies.

The University has been requested to ensure all returns are complete. 

Please note that you MUST use the submit button.  If you do not press the submit button the data you have entered/your nil return will not be considered submitted and sanctions may be applied by your funder.

If you are unsure which award this applies to please contact  

Research Outcomes Team, University of Glasgow Library

First published: 8 March 2016

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