Dyslexic Academic Network

A group of more than 50 academics, representing over 30 different academic disciplines across the sciences, arts, social sciences and humanities, is launching the Dyslexic Academic Network (DAN) on the 18 March at the University of the Arts in London.

Every nation and region of the UK is represented as are all academic ranks including readers and Professors, senior managers, lecturers and visiting lecturers.

DAN will be a support, advocacy, information and policy development forum for researchers and lecturers with dyslexia in Higher Education.

This will be the first ever opportunity for dyslexic academics to work together in identifying the challenges they face, ways of overcoming barriers and to re-address the deficit model of dyslexia.  The organisers say they aim to help each other by sharing experiences and techniques, to write a code of practice and to challenge the deficit model of dyslexia.

Dr Andrew Conio of the University of Kent said: "Dyslexics are dispersed across the country, and often isolated. For this reason they are difficult to reach, and many are ‘hidden’.  It is therefore quite difficult at this early stage to form this network.

"In DAN we have group of staff who have proven to be highly resilient and resourceful in achieving employment in the sector where their disability is most profound.

"Yet, a facilitative and supportive organisation which helps them to understand their needs, and helps the sector to understand how these needs might be supported and the unique contribution dyslexics make to university life does not exist.  We are already receiving tens of e-mails applauding us for such a worthwhile initiative and would be very grateful if you could help us to reach our constituency."

“The University is committed to promoting equality and inclusion for staff and students within a disability. For more information contact the Equality and Diversity Unit: equality@glasgow.ac.uk


Dyslexic Academic Network
18 March 2016
10.30am – 5pm
The Board Room
University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn

To book a place, please e-mail Anne Morris before the 9 March: a.morris@londonmet.ac.uk

First published: 1 March 2016

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