Instant Visitor Wi-Fi accounts

Issued: Fri, 01 Jul 2016 16:06:00 BST

University staff can now create a Wi-Fi account for their Glasgow campus visitor through the MyGlasgow Portal. This provides visitors with flexibility of a Wi-Fi account starting now or at a future date. Accounts are up to 7 days duration, so cover most types of visits.

For large events with several visitors, IT Services provide a Multiple Account process to bulk create accounts, which is often requested via Conference & Events. The new service will let staff deal with any last minute additions without having to contact the IT Helpdesk.

Remember to check with your visitor first if they use eduroam before creating them a visitor account. Many academic colleagues from other Universities can use their home University account to access eduroam when visiting UofG.

Access to University Wi-Fi is controlled and audited, which you don’t get in a coffee shop. The University issued over 12,000 Visitor Wi-Fi accounts in the past year. Staff can use Visitor Wi-Fi Registration on the MyGlasgow staff portal.

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