Research with integrity

Published: 2 February 2016

The University has published its first annual statement on research integrity.

As part of the University’s commitment to the UUK Concordat for Research Integrity, we have published the first annual statement, outlining what we are doing with respect to embedding a culture of research integrity writes Dr Elizabeth Adams, Researcher Development Manager, Research Strategy and Innovation.

Research standards – doing it right

At the University of Glasgow we are committed to providing an environment that ensures research is conducted to the highest standards of integrity: we should be aware of and apply best practice in each of our academic disciplines.

With this commitment in mind, we have launched a range of measures to ensure that researchers at all career stages are supported in understanding integrity as it applies to their discipline, and know where to go for advice or training.

What is integrity?

In the context of research, integrity relates to following best practice in the manner in which research projects or experiments are undertaken, how data are stored and results are reported, as well as matters relating to intellectual property, conflicts of interest, and authorship of outputs.

What is the University doing to help?

We have appointed Integrity Champions and multiple Advisers in each College. Contact them with your questions or concerns about best research practice. Before doing so, please also familiarise yourself with the University’s Code of Good Practice in Research.

We have introduced new training opportunities. All new research students must attend a research integrity workshop as part of their College Graduate School training program. Participation at these workshops by early-career staff is highly recommended; indeed all staff, including those in relevant administrative posts, are invited to participate.

We have also created a new team to support research data management. If you have questions about data storage and data sharing please contact this team, who can provide training and individual advice, including costings for grant proposals.

A new web portal collates all relevant information on ethics and integrity: including FAQs, links to resources, and details of your local Champion or Adviser.

Transparency of integrity issues
In support of UUK’s Concordat to Support Research Integrity the University is contributing to national efforts to ensure that the process of undertaking research is transparent and accountable. We are one of the few universities in the UK that publish an annual statement that outlines what we are doing to embed and support a culture of research integrity across the institution. The statement also sets out the number and type of misconduct investigations that have been undertaken in the past academic year. We take breaches of research integrity seriously, and have a rigorous procedure for investigating cases of alleged misconduct. Being open about the fact that we have undertaken investigations in this area signals to researchers the importance that we place on integrity and helps avoid the types of mistakes (such as poor data management) that may lead to misconduct cases.

The annual statement can be viewed on our research integrity webpages.

“Integrity is a fundamental value of the University – the research excellence that the University delivers is underpinned by rigorous methodology and a duty of care. We have a responsibility to know the best practice in our field, respect it all times, and instill this culture in the next generation of researchers trained at our University.”

Professor Miles Padgett, Vice Principal for Research: 'Embedding a culture of good research practice is a shared responsibility. Do take the time to look at these pages: please ensure your own knowledge is up-to-date and signpost these resources to your students or colleagues.'

First published: 2 February 2016