Let’s Talk About [X] and [X]position

Published: 13 December 2016

Undergraduate research conference and journal launched for 2017...find out how to get involved.

Let's Talk About [X] and [X]position give you different ways to showcase the best of your research. Whether you want to be trained in how to impress a multi-disciplinary audience, or learn how to write an article for journal publication, there's an option for you.

Let's Talk About [X]


Visit talkaboutx.net/sign-up to submit an abstract for the next Let's Talk About [X] undergradaute research conference, which will take place 15-16 February 2017.

There are spaces for 22 speakers. Last year there were twice as many submissions as spaces, so think carefully about the most crucial aspects of your research, why an educated non-specialist would be interested, and what they would learn from coming to hear you talk.

If successful, you'll get 1:1 mentoring from a current PhD student.

Closing date for submissions: Monday 16 January.


Visit talkaboutx.net/sign-up to register your interest to attend the 2017 conference as an audience member. You'll get tea, coffee, and free lunch!


The next volume of the [X]position undergraduate research journal will come out at the end of semester 2.

Visit talkaboutx.net/sign-up to register your interest in submitting a research paper, and to read Volume 1.


To help you adapt your research so it's interesting to - and understandable by - the broadest possible range of people, training workshops are planned on everything from abstract writing to standing in front of a crowd. These will be open to everyone across campus, whether or not you're speaking at the conference.

Keep an eye on talkaboutx.net/training-mentorship for details in due course...

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First published: 13 December 2016