Fukushima: its Past, Present, and Future Challenges - 9 Dec

Published: 28 November 2016

It is nearly six years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster that followed the Tōhoku earthquake in Japan. Come and find out about the social, medical and technological challenges still facing the Fukushima region.

Date: Friday, 9 December 2016
 12.30pm-13.30pm (Lecture 45 mins; Q&A 15 mins)
Place: Lecture Theatre 312, Kelvin Building

Nearly six years have passed since the March 11th disasters, yet the impact of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident continues to affect those living in the prefecture. Over a hundred thousand citizens remain without a permanent home or a stable source of income, and concerns, often unsubstantiated, about radioactive contamination continue to stigmatize the entire region.

This lecture will present students with an overview of the social, medical, and technological challenges Fukushima has faced since March 2011, and introduce some of the key academic areas where international applied learning can potentially make a significant contribution to Fukushima's recovery efforts today.

The lecture is being given by William McMichael, Deputy Director, Fukushima University International Center/Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and will be introduced by Dr Ian Watson, School of Engineering.

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First published: 28 November 2016