Changes to Academic Promotion

It has been five years since the University introduced academic recruitment and promotion criteria based on seven categories (including publications, grant income and teaching), and it was felt that this was a comfortable point at which to reflect on the continuing suitability of the criteria.

Feedback and Consultation

In the last twelve months, a number of working groups (under the umbrella of a coordinating group chaired by the Senior Vice-Principal Neal Juster) held an extensive consultation and feedback gathering exercise with University colleagues and considered myriad external factors such as expectations for the next REF exercise, new government priorities and expected changes in relevant legislation to refine a range of proposed improvements to the Academic Promotion framework.

What’s changed?

A number of key improvements are being implemented to the criteria, including:

  • A clearer promotion track for those on LTS contracts
  • A greater emphasis on 4* papers in within the Publications criteria to remain competitive in the sector
  • New elements within the knowledge exchange criteria to reflect the growing roles of knowledge exchange and impact within government policy, including the REF
  • Full alignment of criteria across all Colleges.

For full details of the refined criteria please visit Academic Promotion Criteria 

Who does this impact?

These changes impact all colleagues who are on Learning, Teaching and Scholarship contracts, Research and Teaching contracts and Veterinary Clinical Staff.

We are confident that the improved criteria bring substantial benefits to all academic staff in terms of transparency, clarity, improved alignment across all Colleges and an improved understanding of how all academic colleagues can contribute to key University activities such as REF.

I’m on a Learning, Teaching and Scholarship contract – how am I impacted?

New criteria, specific to colleagues on Learning, Teaching and Scholarship contracts have been developed after extensive analysis of approaches taken in comparator institutions; one of key benefits to the revamped criteria is the creation of a clearer promotion path for those on LTS contracts.

I’m on a Research and Teaching contract – how am I impacted?

The criteria have been harmonised across Colleges and whilst the majority of criteria remain as before some have been strengthened and developed to reflect the current HE environment.

Clinical Staff – how am I impacted?

A career pathway has been developed for medical, dental and veterinary clinicians who, at a minimum, have a 50% clinical practice element to their role, over and above the normal academic expectations of research, teaching, engagement and citizenship. The new criteria will allow for clinical service measures to be recognised, in place of, for example, research grant income.

When are these changes being implemented?

We are pleased to be able to confirm these changes will be embedded over the coming months in advance of the 2016-17 promotion round. The new criteria will also apply to any newly recruited colleagues with immediate effect.

Where can I find out more information?

Further details of the new criteria are available on the Pay, Performance and Reward webpages and the PPR team can also be contacted directly by

First published: 20 August 2016

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