Universitas 21 Survey

A reminder that the Universitas 21 Teaching Practices Survey is currently live, writes Dr Matthew J. Williamson, Director, Learning and Teaching Centre.

The closing date has been extended and the survey is available for you until 26 August.

The University of Glasgow is part of Universitas 21, the leading global network of research-intensive universities. The study will investigate teaching practices, attitudes about teaching, and staff and student perceptions of the teaching climate at Universitas 21 institutions. The goal of the study is to provide summary data to both individual institutions and Universitas 21 regarding the instructional staff practices, attitudes and perceptions. In addition, data will be analyzed to explore whether attitudes are aligned with teaching practices and if there is a relationship between practices and perceptions of teaching climate. Findings may be used to inform strategic priorities, inform continual improvement processes, or as a baseline measure for institutional initiatives. Whilst I am managing the survey here at Glasgow, the study as a whole is being run by Dr Simon Bates and Dr Andrea Han from the University of British Columbia.

We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey. Participation is entirely voluntary and the survey will take approximately 30 minutes. You do not have to answer any questions you feel uncomfortable answering and you can end the survey at any time if you so wish.

Your confidentiality will be respected. Original data collected in this study will be examined by the research team members only. Although limited identifying information will be collected, the research team will ensure that any instances of self-disclosure will be anonymized. All data will be encrypted and password protected, and held in a password protected file space accessible only to the research team. Institutions will receive a report containing descriptive statistics for their institution and including select quotes with any identifiers removed. This report will not contain any personally identifying data. The research team will not identify individuals or institution specific findings in publications.

The survey can be accessed here: https://survey.ubc.ca/s/U21_Glasgow until 26 August.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Dr Matthew J. Williamson

First published: 16 August 2016

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