Inspiring People - Changing The World

Image of the cover of the strategy document 2015The University is rolling out a new strategy to take us to 2020.

The 37-page strategy document is the result of months of consultation and drafting involving large numbers of University staff and students. The final draft was approved by University Court at the end of June.  ‌

The new document is called simply: Inspiring People - Changing The World. The document's front cover - an image of the University Tower - is made up of more than a thousand minute selfie photographs submitted by students and staff during the latter stages of the consultation. 

The new strategy puts people at the very heart of all the University does on the basis that it is inspiring people who drive success.

The new strategy's vision statement reads:

To be a world-class, world-changing university.

University Principal, Professor Anton Muscatelli, says: "Since the release of our last strategy in 2010 we have gone from strength to strength: student satisfaction for both undergraduates and postgraduates is among the very best; we've been awarded the highest rating of confidence in last year's Enhancement-Led Institutional Review; our research order book has grown every year since 2010; we are in financial good health; and the result of the recent Research Excellence Framework exercise has shown that we are producing twice as much world-leading research as we were when we launched the last strategy.

"None of this collective success would have been possible without everyone's hard work and dedication in supporting our ambition to be counted among the very best universities in the world."

Senior Vice-Principal Neal Juster led the consultation and drafting process. Watch the interview with Internal Communications' Phil Taylor.

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The new strategy sets out nine primary key performance indicators and a further thirteen secondary KPIs which will be used to assess the University of Glasgow's progress and performance as we move towards 2020. You can view all the key content from the strategy on the University Strategy 2015 - 2020 web pages:

If you'd like to comment on the strategy, or suggest ways we can help deliver the strategy day-to-day, please email:

First published: 22 September 2015