Transgender, gender questioning or intersex?

Published: 26 October 2015

A message for all transgender, gender questioning and intersex students.

‌Dear all transgender, gender questioning and intersex students,

My name is Mathew and I am the transgender and intersex officer for the university LGBTQ+ society – GULGBTQ+. I just wanted to get in touch to let you know about the things on offer to you throughout the year to support you if you are a transgender, gender questioning or intersex student. 

GULGBTQ+ welcomes all gender questioning, trans and intersex people to their events, but I will be hosting trans and intersex coffee meetings every fortnight from the beginning of term just for trans and intersex people.

In addition, we will be running a trans and intersex climbing group on alternating Wednesdays (before the main GULGBTQ+ event) that you are welcome along to as a seasoned climber or a novice. If anyone would like to meet me before these events so you do not arrive on your own drop me an email and I will be happy to meet you.

But most of all I want you to know that you can email me at with any queries or problems you have about being trans or intersex, and I will respond in a strictly confidential, non judgemental, non assuming manner. No problem is too small, and our services will be available throughout the year – whether you have a specific question or just want another trans person to talk to. I will also happily pass on details to you about support groups, health workers, counselling support, fun trans and intersex friendly nights out or university services. I have included a list of useful services below, but feel free to contact me if they do not meet your needs. I know how hard it can be living outwith the norms of gender in society and I want to make sure you know that there are people you can reach out to whenever you need. You don’t need to wait until you are in crisis to ask for support.

Once again, no problem is too small. We want to make sure you feel welcome and supported at Glasgow University, and your gender identity or intersex traits should not ever be a barrier to your happiness here.

Best wishes,





LGBT health & wellbeing:

Tel: 0141 271 2330



LGBT Youth Scotland:

Tel: 0141 552 7425



Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic:

Tel: 0141 211 8130


University counselling and support:

Support services:

SRC advice centre:

LGBT students information and inclusion policy:

Barclay Medical Centre:

First published: 26 October 2015

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