Driver of City Renaissance?

The University Sector as Driver of City Renaissance

Bill Kistler, Urban Innovation Network

Monday 27th of July 2015, 5pm

Yudowitz Seminar room, Wolfson Medical School

The Higher Education sector is undertaking a considerable expansion to meet growing local and international demand. In many cases, this means significant investment in capital infrastructure as campuses extend their physical footprint to accommodate increasing numbers of students and staff. For cities, this not only reinforces the major assets of educational infrastructure but stimulates the arrival of additional human capital - as more talented individuals are drawn to the city.

Bill Kistler is the Managing Partner of the Urban Innovation Network, a partnership of cities, universities, businesses and place-makers that supports metropolitan investment and development. With a career background in urban development he was worked in senior roles for IBM and the Urban Land Institute.

In this presentation he will address the following questions;

How can cities harness University investment for wider social, economic and environmental benefit?How can Universities retain and nurture a skills base to drive the urban renewal agenda?What policy instruments and institutional structures can enable this?

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First published: 29 June 2015

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