Commemoration Day: in pictures

Published: 24 June 2015

Seven people were awarded honorary degrees at Commemoration Day on 17 June.

Commemoration Day took place on Wednesday 17 June in the University Chapel and Bute Hall. 

This is an annual celebration of the foundation of the University in 1451 thanks to the many benefactors whose gifts have supported the development of the University.

The events of the day comprise a service for the Commemoration of Benefactors in the University Chapel; the conferring of honorary degrees by the Chancellor; and the Commemoration Day lunch.

Biographies for each honorary graduate can be found in the Commemoration Day brochure 2015 (pdf). 


Gallery of honorary graduates:

The Rt Hon Baroness Scotland of Asthal

 Baroness Scotland of Asthal - official honorary graduation photograph  Baroness Scotland of Asthal - signing book

Baroness Scotland of Asthal - doffing cap Baroness Scotland of Asthal - meeting Principal Muscatelli









Dr Gerald Chan

Dr Gerald Chan leaving graduation Dr Gerald Chan - honorary graduation

Dr Gerald Chan with Principal Muscatelli Dr Gerald Chan being awarded honorary degree











Dr Hermann Hauser

Dr Hermann Hauser - honorary degree Dr Hermann Hauser Dr Hermann Hauser in the quad Dr Hermann Hauser - doffing the cap


Professor Sir Peter Knight

 Prof Sir Peter Knight - honorary degree Prof Sir Peter Knight - signing bookProf Sir Peter Knight at commemoration day Prof Sir Peter Knight in Quad with Professor Miles Paggett






Mr Andrew Ogilvie Robertson

Mr Andrew Robertson at commemoration dayMr Andrew Robertson  at commemoration dayMr Andrew Robertson with Anna Dominiczak Mr Andrew Robertson - doffing the cap


Professor Suzanne Fortier

Prof Suzanne Fortier with honorary degree Prof Suzanne Fortier at commemoration dayProf Suzanne Fortier receiving honorary degree Prof Suzanne Fortier - commemoration day


Dr Frank Carlton Mugisha

Dr Frank Mugisha one at commemoration day Dr Frank Mugisha with piperDr Frank Mugisha signing book Dr Frank Mugisha - doffing the cap

 All honorary graduates at Commemoration Day

First published: 24 June 2015

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