District Heating Scheme June Update

Published: 8 June 2015

The latest updates on the District Heating Scheme infrastructure work. Engineering Way, Dumbarton Road and University Place all still affected.

Updated Monday 8 June

University Place

Work is well underway in University Place. Parking has been suspended along the whole of University Place. View the plans on the Trench B map.

There is no access for cars to University Place from the entrance off University Avenue. 

The entrance to University Place from University Avenue

Provisions have been put in place to maintain access to the underground car park at the Wolfson Medical School. (Apologies to drivers who initially found this routing hard to see.)

The bollards have been removed from the car park next to the Western Infirmary, this allows staff to drive up from Byres Road and through to the underground car park. 

No car parking space will be available on University Place. This phase of the work will take another two weeks. 

Boulders at University Place

Joseph Black Building

‌‌Work continues on Trench C - Trench C map. This runs by the Joseph Black Building. 

Access to Trench C Phase 2 is via the lane past the Forensics building off University Place.

Car Parking will be suspended along this lane and at the end of the road during trench works. This is expected to last for about two weeks.

Cars can not leave via the Chemistry gate. Please use the gate at Pearce Lodge. 


Trenching work is continuing on the route from the Dumbarton Road gate entrance.

Parking is currently available adjacent to the Maggie's Centre, but there is no through route for cars to park on the South Front. The trenching work will be extending down towards the Dumbarton Gate in about a week's time.

All parking opposite the Maggie's Centre will be suspended from 8 June. Related work on the University's gas supply is also underway and as a result this area may be affected for several weeeks once the district heating works are completed.

 Please use the main gate to access parking on the south front

A pedestrian bridge has been placed near the West Medical building to allow pedestrian access to the Royal Infirmary lecture theatre. 

A temporary bridge to the western infirmary lecture theatre

You can see the plans for this phase of the District Heating Scheme works by looking at the Trench F map.

James Watt South 

Work continues from the south flag pole towards the James Watt South building. 

The road from the flagpole on the south front past the James Watt South building and Pearce Lodge is closed to cars.  Pedestrian access remains.

Emergency vehicles and deliveries will still be able to reach the James Watt South building.

The Kelvin Way footpath gate remains closed. 

It is expected that refilling of the trenches in this area will start this week and the whole route should be back in operation in about two weeks' time. 

South Front

Many car parking spaces have been reinstated on the south front with more to follow shortly. 

This week more spaces are expected to be available on the south front as excavations are reinstated.


The District Heating Scheme project is going to involve laying in the region of five and a half kilometres of new pipework across the University campus (both sides of University Avenue) over the next seven months or so. 

This is to replace the old system, which was more than fifty years old. In some cases, the new network will also help facilitate high voltage and IT cables to improve campus services.

Any questions? Contact communications@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 8 June 2015

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