2015-16 UofG calendar online now

Published: 24 July 2015

The University calendar contains information on regulations for degrees for the forthcoming academic session and can be viewed online.

The 2015-16 edition of the University Calendar is now online.

The Calendar contains the regulations for the University's degrees and other awards for the forthcoming academic session. It also includes information on general regulations, student codes (e.g. Academic Appeals) and also programme and course fees.

To view information on key changes to regulations this year, please Summary of Key Changes (pdf.)

If you are in a student facing role please pass on relevant information to students.

Using the online calendar:


Please ensure that your bookmarks are visible when you open the document (click on the icon on the left of the page), and please note that the bookmarks extend to various sub-levels allowing quick access to all areas of the document. There is also an index at the back of the Fees and General Information section and many keywords have also been added to the metadata, making it possible for users to search the Calendar using the Google facility on the University homepage.

Font and size:

Please note that online viewing of the document allows readers to enlarge the text to suit their own requirements.

Copying text to other documents:

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Select the Select Text tool from the toolbar, and do one of the following:

* Click to create an insertion point at the beginning of the text to be selected, and then drag to the end of the text. (You can also click to create an insertion point, and shift-click to create a second insertion point. The text between the two insertion points is selected.)

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First published: 24 July 2015

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