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Published: 6 July 2015

First International Conference of the International Legacy Network: Glasgow 2014: Legacy, Partnership, Regeneration? - REGISTRATION OPEN!

October 14-16, 2015

Registration is now open for the first International Legacy Network conference at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. You are warmly invited to join us for what we are sure will be a fascinating examination of the role of mega sporting and cultural events within urban and regional development strategies. All conference information, registration and further details can be accessed here:


These pages will be regularly updated.

Or you can register directly at:

Registration: International Legacy Conference 2015

The conference is aimed at cities across the world, international organisations policymakers, academics and legacy researchers interested in the wider role of multiple legacies from sporting and cultural mega-events. We want to use the conference and network to connect cities with researchers to learn lessons and exchange experience.

Academic papers are very welcome - abstracts should be with us by July 15 2015, Please send them to emma.Smith.2@glasgow.ac.uk

The conference is a partnership between Policy Scotland at the University of Glasgow, Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life.

Please note that there is an early bird discount rate cut-off as well as fee discounts for delegates from non-OECD countries and for students.

Further information can be obtained either from the website or the pdf information sheet on this page.

Best wishes,

Ken Gibb and Josef Konvitz

First published: 6 July 2015

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