Stevenson/GUU teaching tool

Students in their second year of an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering have paid a visit to the construction site of the new Stevenson and GUU extension. 

As part of their degree the students are studying structural design and the visit to the construction site allowed them to better understand and visualise building elements and building techniques.

It also gave them a first-hand experience of health and safety precautions and on-site logistics and project management challenges.

The students were given a project briefing and tour of the site by representatives from contractors Heron Bros.

The School of Engineering says field work and site visits are an essential and valued learning experience. As the University of Glasgow has an extensive portfolio of buildings and regular on-going construction works, the plan is to continue to collaborate with Estates and Buildings to utilise this on-campus opportunity to enhance the student experience.

GUU Stevie Visit 650 group image Jan 2015

First published: 15 January 2015

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