Lead 'heist' foiled by UofG staff

Two security officers from the University of Glasgow successfully apprehended a man who was allegedly stealing lead from the roof of a University building.

At 2am on 5 January, Senior Supervisor William Beadie and Patrolman William Horner noticed a man acting suspiciously near University Gardens.

The officers watched the man until he climbed onto the roof of 3 University Gardens and began to strip the lead flashing.

After calling the police, the officers approached the man but he ran away. Following a short chase, Beadie and Horner caught the suspect and restrained him until police arrived.

Gordon Mackenzie, Head of Security and Central Services, said: " This alleged theft was part of a string of incidents and our staff did very well in putting an end to this run of crime."

A person has been charged with a number of similar, alleged thefts in the area. He is awaiting trial.

Robert Kilpatrick, Assistant Director, Estates and Buildings Maintenance Service said: “I pass on my personal thanks to the team as it causes so much hassle and results in unplanned expenditure for us when this occurs. It's a great testament for the benefits of CCTV and demonstrates the potential benefits of someone proactively monitoring this.”

First published: 14 January 2015

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