GRAB Lunch: Future Cities

Cities are complex, dynamic structures that are difficult to predict and manage, with issues arising every day in relation to energy, education, environment, economy, safety, mobility, communications and civic governance.

Glasgow University’s breadth of expertise reflects this complexity with a strong research programme and a growing reputation as a leading university in this field.  The ‘Future City’ sector is global in nature with many universities active in the research, development and commercialisation of the opportunities arising from this, while market indicators project a significant increase in this sector as a long-term academic and commercial phenomenon.

This lunchtime session will include short talks by members of staff from across the University, and will introduce our current and planned Future Cities work programme, outlining a series of possibilities as to how we can:  

  • Consolidate and develop an institutional level proposition and international profile as a centre of excellence attractive to prospective staff, students and investors;
  • Develop a work programme with international strategic partners in this field: Universities, Governments and Enterprises;
  • Build our profile as the lead institution (e.g. through a U21 Network for Future Cities: promoting the University’s expertise and aspirations);
  • Stimulate international interest and gather the alumni community around a significant physical project: the Smart Campus.

If you would like to attend this lunch, please email the RIO International Affairs Team.

First published: 12 January 2015

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