Claim a chocolate bar through Warpit

Claim a chocolate bar through Warpit

WARPit, the office recycling initiative has achieved savings of over £100,000, in just over three months.

All University of Glasgow staff members can sign up to the WARPit system to donate and claim office items.

However, furniture isn’t the only item available. The portal features a plethora of products including stationery, lab equipment, electrical items, kitchen utensils and fixtures and fittings.

Currently, there is even chocolate up for grabs on WARPit.

To celebrate reaching £100,000 of savings, the WARPit team have uploaded bars of chocolate to the portal.

To receive a bar of chocolate, register with WARPit at Through the website you can claim one chocolate bar per person which will be sent to you via internal mail. There are four types of chocolate available- dark, milk, orange and white.

WARPit helps to limit the amount of waste the University sends to landfill and reduce both our disposal costs and our carbon footprint. Re-using furniture and office supplies saves money spent on purchasing new equipment and helps to free-up the space occupied by unused equipment. Visit, their facebook page for regular updates on new items avaiable: 

WARPit for charities

Items on the portal that are not claimed by University staff can be claimed by charities. If any staff members are involved with a charity and would like to find out more about using WARPit to help their chosen charity, please email

First published: 12 January 2015

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