FullStop to harassment

Published: 8 December 2015

This week's FullStop poster highlights the bad side of social media - if you use it to abuse others, it is plain, simple bullying. Help the UofG bring abuse to a FullStop.

Sadly, there's a dark side to social media. Bullies and trolls use it to abuse other people. Abuse is harassment and you can't hide behind social media feeds. The University of Glasgow and the Students Representative Council have joined forces to put a FullStop to bullying and harassment on Campus.

The President of the Glasgow University Sports Association, Caitlin Kelly, has backed the FullStop campaign:

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FullStop poster with words: you can say what you like on TwitterOur Dignity at Work and Study policy is simple:

The University of Glasgow is committed to fostering a working, learning and research environment where mutual respect and dignity is experienced by and between employees and students. The University aims to promote a culture where differences are welcomed, harassment and bullying are known to be unacceptable and where allegations are dealt with in fair and timely fashion, and without fear of victimisation.

FullStop will highlight the sorts of behaviour that can constitute harassment and bullying.  And if you've got your own stories, please share them with us:

Email: communications@glasgow.ac.uk

You can also speak in absolute confidence to one of the University's network of trained volunteers who are here to help. The Volunteer Harassment Network supports staff and students who think they may be experiencing bullying or harassment.

For more information visit Volunteer Harassment Network.

FullStop has its own webpages with lots more information and week-by-week you'll find downloads there of the campaign posters: glasgow.ac.uk/fullstop .

First published: 8 December 2015