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Newspapers are full of stories about health and cancer, but do these stories affect the way we think about our health? Or the decisions we make about it? Researchers at the Institute of Health and Wellbeing want to find out.

To do this they are holding a series of focus groups, and Dr Yvonne Cunningham is actively recruiting older adults (age 50+) to take part.

Focus group discussions will last about an hour, and will be a group conversation about what the participants think about the way in which newspapers, magazines and the media in general present stories about cancer and the risks for cancer.

“The study is being funded by CRUK, and we hope that our results will help them to improve the information they give to people about cancer,” said Dr Cunningham.

Interested in participating? Or want to know more? Then ring Yvonne Cunningham at: 0141 330 2041 or 07500 467 254 or email: yvonne.cunningham@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 31 August 2015

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