Campus redevelopment update: People

Published: 3 August 2015

What is Estates and Buildings Chief, Ann Allen, saying about our progress towards a World Changing Campus? Read the second of her regular updates here...

This is the second in a series of updates from Ann Allen, the University's Director of Estates and Buildings, aimed at briefing you on the progress being briefing you on the progress being made towards creating a World Changing Campus.

We continue to make progress in developing proposals for the £750m ten year capital plan and details of some of the new projects are given below.

View the list of projects.

At the same time the University continues work on committed projects and there is already significant investment in Gilmorehill.

The two largest schemes on Gilmorehill, the extension of the Stevenson and rebuilding of the Hive plus the district heating scheme and associated works will see the University invest over £30m in the Gilmorehill campus alone.

As a result there is great deal of building and refurbishment work currently happening on campus, this means more contractors and vehicles on campus than usual. I appreciate that this is causing some changes to parking and movement around the campus on occasions and please accept my apologies if you have been inconvenienced.

Progress on other projects include:

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital: The Teaching and Learning Centre at the new hospital has been finished and was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 3 July 2015. Students and staff have already started to use the building.

Bell Tower: Scaffolding has been erected on the bell tower and refurbishment work has started.

Library: Refurbishment of the library has started. The main entrance has been closed; access to the library is via the path next to the bike sheds. Please show your ID card when entering.

Quantum: The Quantum Innovation team won a large bid to run one of the UK’s Quantum Innovation Centres. Work is taking place in the James Watt South building to expand the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre to include the new Innovation Centre.

Decorating: There are numerous decorating works taken place to freshen up the campus before students arrive back in September.

On the major new projects:

Master Planners: Accom and 7N Architects have been appointed as master planners for our World Changing Campus project, they will develop in more detail the principles established under the Campus Development Framework. Arups Scotland have been appointed to develop infrastructure proposals to support the masterplan.  By April next year we should be in the position of submitting a planning application for the master plan to Glasgow City Council. Throughout this process we are keen to hear your views and there will consultations opportunities in the near future.

Research Hub: We are currently going through a process to appoint the design team for the research hub. This has gone out to tender. This process is governed by strict procurement rules and we are working closely with colleagues in the Procurement Team. In the meantime we are working with Hassells architects to develop the strategic brief, this will set out the principles we want to incorporate in terms of how the research hub will work.

Work continues on all the other projects.


There is a brilliant team behind all the work that is going on to make the campus redevelopment a reality. I couldn’t possibly mention all the people who are having an invaluable impact on these projects however key names that people may want to know are:

Peter Haggarty, Deputy Director of the Construction and Capital Project, joined us about six months ago and has already been a great asset to the team.

Nicola Cameron, Assistant Director, is leading on all the estates works and development of some of the strategic briefs;

Robbie Smith, Project Director, who is shaping the procurement work and also leading on some of the strategic briefs.

These people bring to the University a depth of knowledge and professional understand of the property and construction industry. They bring experience in both the public and private sector. We will continue to strengthen the team to ensure that there are the right skills and knowledge in the right places to ensure the success of all the projects.

I would like to thank everyone who is making a contribution to the campus development and appreciate that many people are giving time and energy to the projects. This engagement of a broadbase of people is essential if the new buildings are to function effectively and deliver the benefits that the University needs. By helping to shape these buildings, they will leave their mark on the University.

It is our inspiring people at the University of Glasgow who will build a World Changing Campus.

Your views

The contribution and views of all staff is very important for the success of the campus development. In next month’s updates there will be details of consultations events and how you can get involved.

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Ann Allen, Director of Estates and Buildings

First published: 3 August 2015

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