Apprentices help with District Heating Scheme

Two apprentices at the University of Glasgow will be working on the District Heating Scheme as part of a work placement with Crown House Technologies (CHt).

Elliott Thompson and Grant McGillivray are part of the apprenticeship programme and will be seconded from Estates and Buildings to Crown House for eight months.

Both apprentices will be allocated a mentor throughout their time working with CHt. They will gain hands-on experience during the installation of the scheme. This will include joining the team that are installing the services to gain an in depth knowledge of the scheme.

Grant said: "I'm excited about the secondment, it's something different. It's a complete learning curve for me that will benefit my development for the future in the university. You don't often get chances like this to see such massive project being installed."

Hugh Thompson, Project Manager said: “Both the University of Glasgow and Crown House Technologies agreed that it would be a tremendous opportunity for the current estates department apprentices to gain some experience of what the installation of the new District Heating scheme involves. At the end of this process we hope that the apprentices get a deep understanding of the University's new system and have some pride knowing that they helped build it.”

First published: 20 April 2015

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