Statistics CD-Roms

There are a number of specialist CD-ROMs that are held on level 7 of the Library. These are available for use between 0900 - 1700 Monday - Friday. 

Certain titles are only available to Glasgow University staff and students.

Please contact the Maps, Official Publications & Statistics Unit if you wish to use any of the CD's or would like more information.

Below is an alphabetical listing of titles which are currently available. 

1851 Census 
(Devon, Norfolk and Warwick only) 
Index to the census records of Devon, Norfolk, and Warwick counties only. About 1.5 million names were transcribed from original census returns. The index lists a person's name, relationship to head of household, sex, age, occupation, birthplace, and residence. Families are listed as they were enumerated in the actual census.
1881 British Census and National Index Index to the 30+ million individuals from England, Wales, and Scotland as contained in the 1881 British Census records
1981 Census on CD The 1981 disc contains the Small Area Statistics for the whole of the United Kingdom taken from the 1981 Census. It also contains the mid-1987 population estimates. Data can be displayed and printed in charts, tables or maps and downloaded into other software packages
1991 Census on CD The 1991 disk contains the Small Area Statistics for the whole of the United Kingdom taken from the 1991 Census. It also contains the Local Base Statistics which were not available on the 1981 disk. Data can be displayed and printed in charts, tables or maps and downloaded into other software packages 
2001 Census CD-ROMS Several CD ROM & DVD products providing access to the statistical outputs at different Census areas have been produced by the various Census Offices in the UK. These products provide users with desktop access to the different statistical products at key area levels. In addition to the results, the CDs also contain supporting information to aide the user's understanding of the data, and tabulation software (SuperTABLE) that enables the user to undertake more detailed analysis of the data. Please ask at the Level 7 Enquiry Desk for further information.
1989 USSR Population Census The final and most comprehensive population census of the former Soviet Union ever conducted. 
British Election Studies Information System Compilation of data and documentation from British general elections, 1964-1992
British Isles Vital Records Index Contains information from birth, christening, and marriage records from selected parishes in the British Isles, which include England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Includes records that cover an approximate time period from 1538 to 1906.  The names of the individual; the parents' names and when available; the date and place where the birth, christening, or marriage was registered; the name of the individual's spouse 
Eurostat Electronic Library Provides access to 1400 Eurostat publications in PDF format covering all statistical themes
Gallup Poll Public Opinion 1935-1997 Contains 25 volumes of the Gallup Poll Public Opinion series & the cumulative index. It is the most single complete source of American public opinion.
Morbidity Statistics from General Practice 1991-92 Taken from the Fourth National Survey of Morbidity in General Practice 1991-92, this CD includes : the general practice records, with diagnostic and socio-economic information, of half a million patients in England & Wales.
OECD Health Data Databases comprising systematically collated data in a great number of key aspects of health care systems in the 29 OECD Member countries within their general demographic, economic and social contexts
Panorama of European Business 2000 Contains economic analysis, methodological information, a glossary of terms and a database with annual structural data and professional trade association data concerning a vast array of economic activities within the European Union
Regions Statistical Yearbook CD provides a selection of the latest economic and social statistics for the regions of the European Union and in some cases for as many as 12 of the candidate countries. Available from 1999 -
Regional Trends Complete archive of the first 30 years of the publication Regional Trends. Social, demographic and economic topics are discussed and illustrated regionally. It contains illustrated descriptive regional profiles, maps and guides which reveal intriguing statistics which are frequently difficult to obtain elsewhere.
Social Trends Complete archive of the first 25 years of the publication, Social Trends. It draws together statistics from a wide range of government departments to paint a broad picture of society today, and the ways in which it is changing. This package provides a powerful and convenient methods of comparing statistics and trends over the entire 25 year period
Twentieth Century Mortality (1901 - 2002) Century of mortality data in England and Wales by age, sex, year and underlying cause.