Word processing

Introduction to Word

  • Half day

An introduction to the functions and key features of MS Word 2016, using a variety of practical exercises and taught examples. Previous knowledge of Windows environment is advised.

Word: Creating a dissertation or thesis

  • Two half days

This course is designed for all of those that need to prepare lengthy, complex documents such as a thesis or dissertation. The course covers in depth the tools within Word 2016 that automate the creation of high quality documents. Delegates will learn how to set up and use templates based on university guidelines, create automatic tables (such as tables of contents/figures/tables) and create and apply styles.

Word: Templates and Styles

  • Two half days

Create, edit and use a varierty of templates and styles available in MS Word 2016. A sound working knowledge of Word required.

Word: Tables

  • Half a day

Create and use tables in Word 2016. Learn how to edit cells, rows, columns and apply various formatting features. A sound working knowledge of Word required.

Word: Mail Merge

  • Half a day

Learn how to merge and print letters, reports and labels using the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word 2016.

A working knowledge of Word required.


Self-guided training

Introduction to Word 2010 (Moodle)

This course provides a brief introduction to (or an opportunity to revise) word processing skills using Word 2010. Most of this also applicable to Word 2007. 

Dissertation layout word 2010 (Moodle)

This course will demonstrate how you can use Microsoft Word 2010 to help in the process of laying out and producing a short dissertation. Most of this also applicable to Word 2007.

Creating forms in Word (Moodle)

This course provides an introduction to creating forms (eg for questionnaires) using Word. The course covers simple printed forms as well as interactive forms.