The Information Services Training Team delivers training in a variety of subjects covering basic IT skills, Office 365 applications, programming, web publishing, reference management tools and more. These courses are available free to all UofG students and staff and are in addition to any courses that your own college or school may arrange.

Calendar of upcoming courses

Making a booking

Logging in

InkPath is the University's booking system, which helps you manage your training.

Web browser

Access via a web browser, using your UofG username and password to log in:

Log into InkPath

Mobile app

Access using the mobile app:

When you log into the app for the first time, select Single Sign On, and choose University of Glasgow from the dropdown menu, using your UofG username and password to log in.

The first time you log into InkPath, you will be prompted set to up your profile. Fill in the required information and Save when complete. Select the home icon and this will take you to the home page, where you can view your training details.

Find and book activities

In InkPath an activity can be a training session, workshop or other learning and development event

Find activities:

  • From the My Activities home screen, select Find Activities
  • Search for activities by selecting the Filter icon or the Search button
  • You can also search using date ranges

All the training and development activities on offer will be displayed.

Book activities:

  1. Choose the activity.
  2. Select the Details tab to find out more about the course including Course Description, Provider, Date and Time, attendance type, and the skills against which the activity is mapped.
  3. Select the Actions tab to book a place and choose:
    • Book the activity - if a space is available
    • Join the waiting list - if the course is full
  4. You will receive notification of your booking selection.

Cancel booking

If you are not able to attend an activity, you can cancel your booking and free up a space for someone else.

  • Log into InkPath
  • Select the home icon to open My Activities 
  • Under the Upcoming section, locate the activity you wish to cancel
  • Select the activity and then select Cancel Booking
  • Choose your reason for cancellation from the options given and select the Cancel Booking button

If you are unable to cancel this yourself, please contact the organiser. You will find their contact information on the activity, under Details.

Mark attendance

You are responsible for recording your own attendance when attending an activity. 

There are two ways to do this: by using the code given during the event, or by self-certifying after the event.


At the end of a session, your convener will display a QR code (for mobile app users) and a unique number code (for web users) on the screen. Select Record Attendance and scan the QR or enter the number code. This will update to show your activity as Completed. 

If a course takes place across several session dates, this will be at the end of the final session


Alternatively, you can self-certify your attendance at an activity by navigating to My Activities > Past Activities, selecting the activity and choosing Complete.