Mailbox quotas

Mailbox quotas

The standard staff mailbox quota is 2Gb. 

The University's Exchange service has a finite storage capacity, so this quota is enforced to maintain availability and performance for everyone.

  • If your mailbox reaches 1.8Gb you will be warned that you are approaching your quota.
  • If your mailbox reaches 2Gb you will be prohibited from sending email until you have reduced the size of your mailbox.
  • If your mailbox reaches 2.1Gb you will be prohibited from sending and receiving email until you have reduced the size of your mailbox.

Need to reduce the size of your mailbox?

Quick tip: the contents of your Deleted Items folder counts towards the overall size of your mailbox! To permanently delete everything in the Deleted Items folder, right-click on the folder and select Empty Folder.

How to find the size of your mailbox


  • Right-click on Mailbox - your name
  • Depending on your version of Outlook, select Properties or Data file properties
  • In the General tab, select Folder Size...
  • See Total size (including subfolders)

The size is given in KB so divide by 1000 for MB. For example 250MB would be represented as 250000 KB.


(Internet Explorer only) At the top of your mailbox, hover over your name.