Collaborate better

Now that you and your colleagues are on Exchange Online, here are 6 ways you can collaborate better and save time across Office365.


1. Add a photo of yourself

Visual reminders help us work together. Where different people have similar names, a photo makes it easier to pick the right person to share an email or document with. For this to work, it has to be a photo of you - not pets, buildings, cartoons etc!

  • Add or change your profile photo

2. Share your calendar

By keeping your Outlook calendar up to date and sharing your availability, meeting subjects and locations, you'll help colleagues schedule meetings at times to suit all invitees, and to build in time for people to get from one location to the next. For meetings where the subject is confidential, you can make the event Private to share your availability only.

How to share your calendar

Windows Outlook 2016

  1. Right click on your Calendar in the navigation pane on the left and select Properties
  2. Select the Permissions tab
  3. Under Name select Default
  4. From the Permission Level dropdown list select Free/Busy time, subject, location
  5. Click OK

Mac Outlook 2016

  1. Open Calendar
  2. Select Calendar Permissions from the toolbar
  3. Under User select Default
  4. From the Permission Level dropdown list select Free/Busy Time, Subject, and Location
  5. Click OK


3. Set up meetings faster

Microsoft's FindTime add-in for Outlook brings the functionality of Doodle polls right into your inbox and calendar. Save hours on email trails trying to check availability, and ditch Doodle's duplication of effort!

4. Share documents more securely 

Simplify collaboration AND increase security by creating/saving collaborative documents in your UofG OneDrive for Business and sharing them with colleagues from there, rather than via email. OneDrive for Business also saves versions so you can jump back, and you can change or remove people's access whenever you want.

  • Find out more about OneDrive for BusinessDelve