Archiving using Outlook

Archiving using Outlook

Do not use Autoarchive!

If you want to remove items from your mailbox but not delete them, use an archive file (.pst).

By default, Microsoft Outlook doesn't have an archive file, you need to create one manually.

  • Create a folder on your C:\ drive called Archive
  • Open Outlook
  • Select  File > Info > Cleanup Tools
  • In the dropdown box, click on Archive 
  • Select Archive this folder and all subfolders 
  • Select Mailbox - your name, or whichever folder you want to archive
  • Choose a date in the Archive items older than dropdown menu
  • Click Browse next to Archive file and browse to C:\archive
  • Name your archive file then click OK (choose a different name each time you archive e.g. Jan2017.pst, Feb2017.pst and so on)
  • Click OK to start the Archive process
  • When the Archive process has finished, right-click on the Archive and select Close "Archive".‌

We recommend you also burn a DVD/CD backup of your Archive folder on your C:\ drive each time you create a new .pst file

Opening and reading an email archive

If you burned your .pst file to DVD/CD, Outlook will not be able to read it from the disk: copy it to your C:\ drive first.

Don't use the Import and Export command on the File menu! If you do, you'll just have to archive everything again.

Instead, open the archive pst directly.

  • Outlook 2010: Go to: File > Open > Open  Outlook Data File
  • Outlook 2013: Go to: File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File
  • Outlook 2016: Go to: File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive

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