standard phone guide

6921 IP phone

Make a call

Lift the handset and dial a number.


  1. Press the New Call softkey
  2. Press the Speaker button
  3. Press the Headset button

Dial 9 for an outside line.

Set up voicemail

Your temporary PIN is 12345

Press the Voicemail button and follow the prompts to complete the self-enrolment process. You will need to set your own 5 digit PIN, and can choose to record your name and personal greeting.

Once set up, accessing your voicemail will play messages in the order of newest to oldest followed by your saved messages:

  • Key 2 Repeat message
  • Key 3 Delete message
  • Key 7 Save message

Forgotten PIN?

Please note you will still require your pin to access your voicemail externally.

Access voicemail

Access voicemail from your desk phone

Press the Voicemail button and follow the voice prompts.

Alternatively press the Line button next to the Voicemail icon, then the Voicemail button.

Your voicemail will play the messages in order newest to oldest, followed by your saved messages.

New message indicators

  • A solid red light on your handset
  • A stutter dial tone on the line (if enabled)
  • A message waiting icon

Voicemail controls

  • Repeat message: press 2
  • Delete message: press 3
  • Save message: press 7

Access voicemail from elsewhere

Call +44 (0)141 330 4100 (ext 4100 on campus)

  1. Ignore the initial voice prompt and press *
  2. At the voice prompt enter your ID (extension number) then #
  3. At the voice prompt enter your PIN then #

Forgotten PIN?

Please note you will still require your pin to access your voicemail externally.

Transfer call

To transfer a call to another extension during a call:

  1. Press the Transfer button
  2. Enter the extension number required
  3. Speak privately with the dialled party
  4. Press the Transfer button again to connect the third party

If there is no reply or the number is busy:

  1. Press the Cancel softkey
  2. Press the Resume softkey to return to the caller

Set ringtone and volume


  • To change the ringer volume press the volume bar up or down while the phone is in the cradle
  • To silence the ringer press the volume bar down while the phone is ringing
  • To change the call volume during a call press the volume bar up or down


  1. Press the Applications button
  2. Press 2 or scroll down using the Navigation Bar and select Preferences
  3. Press 1 for Ringtone or select from the list using the Navigation Bar
  4. Adjust with the Navigation Bar
  5. Press the Play soft key to preview
  6. Press the Save soft key to confirm

Conference calls

To create ad-hoc conference calls on the phone:

  1. Start a call with the first person
  2. Press the Conference button
  3. Dial the extension of the next person you would like join the conference
  4. Once they answer, press the Conference button to bring them into the conference
  5. To bring in more people repeat steps 2 to 4

Call hold

To place a call on hold:

  1. Press the Hold button
  2. Press the Resume softkey or the flashing green Line button to return to the call

Forward calls

To forward incoming calls to an alternate extension:

  1. Press the Fwd All softkey, you will hear two beeps
  2. Enter the phone number to which calls are to be forwarded. For calls to go directly to Voice Mail, press the Messages button.
  3. To cancel call forwarding, press the Fwd Off softkey

Call waiting

You can answer an incoming while another call is already underway, putting the first call on hold automatically:

  1. Call waiting tone or indicator light on the handset rest
  2. Press the Swap softkey
  3. Press the Answer softkey
  4. Press Swap then Resume to return to the original call

Call history

To view your call history:

  1. Press the Applications button
  2. Press 1 or select Call History using the Navigation Bar
  3. Select the line that you want to view using the Navigation bar (missed, placed or received calls)
  4. To filter the call history, press the Missed softkey to show only missed calls

To dial, scroll to a call and press the Select button in the Navigation bar, the Call softkey or simply lift your handset

To view details for a call, highlight the call and press these softkeys: More > Details

Group pick-up

If your extension is part of a group, you can pick up a call to one of your colleagues' phones:

  1. Press the PickUp softkey, your phone rings and displays the incoming call
  2. Lift the handset and press the Answer softkey to accept the call


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