Home Router Password

attackers breaking into router

It's good practice to change the default password used to "manage" your home broadband router or hub, to ensure distant cyber criminals cannot change its settings and gain remote access to your home network.

This is known as the router's "admin" password, and changing from its default is more important than changing the password used to connect to Wi-Fi, which can only be used within short physical range of your home. Some routers have an easily-guessable default admin password such as "ChangeMe".  Or, the password may appear to be unique and random-looking whereas there may be methods via which cyber criminals can predict it.

The password you choose should be different, at least 8 characters long and difficult to guess.

How to change the default admin password

Most UK Internet Service Providers have details on their website

When to change

Once the default password has been changed, you probably don't need to change it again.  If however you believe it may be compromised, you should change it.