IT HPCC user guide

IT Services provides a general purpose Compute Cluster as a resource for researchers within the University.

SSH Setup

Please run this configuration once you are logged into the system

You need to create an ssh key to allow the cluster to pass files back and forth

Run the command to generate your key:

  • ssh-keygen -t rsa

When prompted to enter a password just press return, to work with PBS/Torque it needs to be a passwordless ssh - this will create a number of files in ~/.ssh/.

Then you need to run

  • cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

There is sometimes problems created by the permissions on this authorized_keys file. So check the permissions on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys by running the command:

  • ls -l ~/.ssh/

It should show the line (where -rw------- is the important part):

  • -rw------- (some other fields) authorized_keys

If it does not run the following command:

  • chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Mail forwarding

It is recommended that you create a .forward file to forward mail to your email address - by default Torque sends mail to you when a job starts & finishes. eg.

touch ~/.forward

echo > ~/.forward

cat ~/.forward to check

Permissions are again important check that the permissions are -rw-r--r-- if not run the command

chmod 644 ~/.forward