IT Services run a cluster of machines to provide researchers with computational resource. There are currently 1,550 virtual CPUs available.

UofG staff can use the cluster to support their research. Postgraduate students may also get an account if they have authorisation from their Head of College/School or Supervisor.

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What the cluster consists of

The Cluster runs Torque & Maui on Centos Linux.

Headline specification

  • 1,550 virtual CPUs
  • 8 GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs
  • Up to 8gb RAM per core


  • 14 Dell Poweredge 6145 with Quad 16 core AMD Opteron 6376 and 512GB RAM per node
  • 25 Sun SunFire X2200 with Dual 4 core AMD Opteron 2384 and either 16GB or 32GB RAM per node
  • 24 Sun SunFire X2200 with Dual 2 core AMD Opteron 2214 and either 4GB or 8GB RAM per node
  • 2 Avanti SYS-2028GR-TE each with 4 GeForce GTX 1080 GPU’s
  • 2 Dell R440 with Dual 24 Thread Xeon 4116 and 384GB RAM per node
  • 1 Dell R930 with Quad 24 Thread Xeon 4830 and 1.5TB RAM
  • 1 Dell R840 with Quad 40 Thread Xeon 6138 and 256GB RAM

Software available

In addition to the standard Linux components (eg the GNU compilers - gcc, g++ g77 etc) we have installed MPI libraries (mpich2, mpiexec) and the sun compiler suite.


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