BI Query

BI Query is a report generator which enables users to retrieve information from the University's central database systems.

There are four datasets:

Undergraduate admissions (MyCampus)

For staff managing applications to Undergraduate programmes of study.

Direct Admissions

From 1 October 2013, MyCampus replaced the Direct Admissions System as the facility for staff managing all direct applications to the University. The legacy BI Query model (Direct Admissions model 2) can still be accessed to report on Direct Admissions data up to that date.

MyCampus model

MyCampus has replaced the Direct Admissions System from 1 October 2013 as the facility for staff managing all direct applications to the University.

Legacy model

This is the older model relating to historical data for Direct Admissions up to 1 October 2013.

Student Records

For authorised staff to manage all areas of student records administration. Access to student records information must be approved by the Head of Registry.

MyCampus model

Legacy model (WebSURF replacement)

Access student data up to 2010. Canned queries provide the fundamental student information that was previously available through WebSURF.

Research System

The Research System is used to record information relating to Research Projects undertaken by University staff. The system holds information on applications and awards for research funding and can also be used to calculate costings based on a combination of salary and non-salary information.

The system can be accessed through a web interface, as well as a BIQuery model.

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