Working on internationalisation initiatives

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There are a wide range of resources available to support you working on international initiatives detailed below.

Internationalisation Strategy
The University’s Internationalisation web pages provide an overview of the work of the International Deans who are responsible for coordinating international initiatives at a regional level and provides information on our priorities, key partners and networks as well as a summary of the Internationalisation Strategy.

Regional resources
A range of regional resources providing market intelligence are available from the Recruitment and International Office.  This includes regional plans, regional briefings and market plans for key markets.  These can be accessed through sharepoint by contacting Alison Coe, Internationalisation Officer.

Learning resources
Organisational Development provides a range of online resources and taught courses to support staff working on internationalisation initiatives.

Guide to other cultures and countries
The guide to other cultures and countries provides a range of resources including country guides and guidance on business etiquette and cultural awareness.

Working with other institutions
The Collaborations Unit within the Senate Office provides support on working with other institutions including guidance on establishing collaborations and potential sources of funding.

Staff working / visiting overseas
A range of guidance is available for those who are planning to work / visit overseas or are planning to send staff overseas.

Information on staff travelling overseas in the coming months in relation to student recruitment is available on the international student website.

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