Colleague Engagement Survey - Summer 2021

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Within this infographic we show some high-level results from our Colleague Engagement Extended Pulse Survey – Summer 2021.   3334 colleagues responded to the survey giving a 46% completion rate.  Of those responding 41% were from the MPA job family; 40% R&T; 11% Tech; 6% Ops; 2% clinical.   30% of respondents were from MVLS; 28% from University Services; 20% from Science & Engineering; 14% from Social Sciences and 8% from Arts.

88% of respondents said “I feel trusted to do my job”; 84% of respondents said “My manager treats me with respect; 82% of respondents said “I find my work interesting and challenging”; 81% said “I am clear about what I’m expected to achieve in my role”; and 76% said “I am proud to work for the University”.

Each of the 37 survey questions are categorised within 9 themes giving us an indicator of how we are doing in each theme.  Our top themes were Dignity & Diversity with 77% positive response; My Role & Development with 73% positive response; and Engagement with 68% positive response.

Themes for attention are Culture & Values with 38% positive response; Wellbeing & Balance with 51% positive response and Communication with 54% positive response.

Turning Feedback into Action

Local survey results are being shared with colleges and university services leaders to allow leadership groups and their teams to undertake more detailed analysis and action planning.  Feedback will be discussed with key groups to inform and support initiatives/activities at institutional and local level.  Those key groups being:  POD Committee; Shadow Board; Engagement Working Group; Engagement Leads Network; and Campus Trade Union Representatives.

Actions we make are our collective responsibility and together, we must make it our shared goal to work together to plan and deliver the improvements that we seek.

Coming Soon… Regular updates will be communicated as we continue to analyse feedback and develop action plans.

Thank You!