Voucher Scheme


The University’s Recognition Rewards Voucher Scheme is designed to provide an informal instant recognition in the form of an e-voucher, allowing flexibility for each area to determine what values they wish to recognise and promote. 

This will be decided at local level but typically refers to Directorate, School or RI


Each area is encouraged to develop an internal nomination process, whether this is by committee or another mechanism in order to ensure equality of opportunity to all staff. 

Each area will have assigned a Budget Holder, who is typically at Director level and for the purpose of security, only they will be able authorise awards.  They will be able to do this by simply contacting the Performance, Pay and Reward team choosing the category Recognition, and subcategory Reward Vouchers with the following information:


  • Employee Name
  • Employee Staff Number
  • Value of the award
  • Any personal message to be conveyed which should be written in the first person


Staff must be on a University of Glasgow contract at the time of award.  Due to tax liability, the scheme cannot be extended to cover individuals who are not members of staff. 

Award Values

Awards can be made in the range between £10 to a maximum of £250