No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy

The University of Glasgow is committed to promoting health and wellbeing at work and strives to create a world-class environment for all staff, students and visitors. The University therefore recognises the right of all staff and students to enjoy a smoke free environment and operates a policy of no smoking of tobacco or other products (including e-cigarettes) within University buildings and vehicles.

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer recognises that smoking is the main health problem facing Scotland and considers it to be the single biggest cause of preventable premature death and ill-health in the country, with around 13,000 Scots dying each year from smoking-related illnesses. Passive smokers also suffer an increased risk of smoking-related diseases and second-hand smoke is also thought to be a major cause of asthma in children.

In 2006, the Scottish Government banned smoking in public places and it is an offence to smoke on a no-smoking premises or to knowingly permit smoking on a no-smoking premises.

Position Statement

Smoking is not permitted in any University building or vehicle. The University’s definition of smoking extends beyond traditional cigarettes to also cover e-cigarettes, which are also not permitted to be smoked in any University building or vehicle. For the avoidance of doubt, e-cigarettes include personal vaporizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Anyone wishing to smoke is asked to be mindful of others and to make every effort to eliminate or minimise the risk of passive smoking. Individuals should not smoke near doorways, open windows, air intakes and high pedestrian traffic areas/thoroughfares.


This policy applies to all staff, students, visitors and contractors and will be applied fairly and uniformly throughout all University locations.


Where an employee observes a colleague, student, visitor or contractor breaching this policy they should politely approach the individual (if they feel comfortable in doing so) in the first instance to remind them of the University’s no smoking policy.

Any refusal to stop is unacceptable and should be reported to an appropriate manager for further action and direction as appropriate. This may involve notifying the relevant Head of School/RI/Service.

Failure to conform to the requirements of the policy by smoking on University premises or refusing to stop when requested will lead to consideration of disciplinary action under the appropriate procedures for staff and students.

A contractor or visitor who refuses to stop smoking will be required to leave the premises. If necessary, support may be sought from security staff to assist in enforcing this policy. 

Compliance with the national legislation and the University's policy must be managed on a local basis. Those responsible for designated areas and groups are required to co-operate in implementing the policy in the area for which they have responsibility.

Support for Smoking Cessation

As part of its commitment to promoting health and wellbeing at work the University is keen to encourage those who wish to stop smoking.

The following sources of support are available for smokers who want to stop:

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No Smoking Policy

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