Chancellor's Fund Advisory Committee

Appointed by Court, the Chancellor’s Fund Advisory Committee (CFAC) supports innovative, exciting projects that have an impact across the University and wider community.

The Chancellor’s Fund aims to:

  • Support our students by helping to provide a rich and rewarding university experience
  • Enhance the learning environment by providing access to new technologies and enhanced facilities
  • Develop excellence by providing financial support for research, teaching and promoting academic developments
  • Preserve the University's heritage, enhancing the physical and cultural heritage of the University

Committee remit

The Committee shall:

  • Ensure that the University operates effective due diligence around the disbursement of the funds of the Chancellor’s Fund
  • Consider any ethical and reputational issues associated with the disbursement
  • Ensure that disbursement will not cause an unacceptable conflict of interest for the University
  • Report annually to Court on its activities

Scheme of Delegation

The following details the delegated authority for the CFAC and shows how it is placed in the overall University Scheme of Delegation with escalation to SMG or Court:

Area of Responsibility


Decision Making Delegated Authority

Escalation To

Approve disbursement of funds of the Chancellor’s Fund




Committee Membership

This is an executive chaired Committee with the following membership:

  • Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary (Chair)
  • Principal and Vice Chancellor
  • A co-opted lay member of Court

In attendance

  • Director of Development & Alumni and/or Head of Planning and Development Operations Development & Alumni
  • Head of Communications
  • Students’ Representative Council member (if student interests are involved)
  • Other relevant representatives or beneficiary areas, as required

Committee Member Responsibilities

Each Committee member has a responsibility to:

  • Ensure all funding approvals are in line with university policies and ethical values
  • Ensure minimal reputational risk exposure to the University
  • Openly and constructively challenge where funding approvals do not meet key criteria for regulatory requirements
  • Activity and behaviour should embody the University’s values (click here for details)

Format and cadence

The meeting schedule will be quarterly and last 2 hours.


  • Due Diligence Policy
  • Summary of changes made to action log and previous minutes
  • Summary of gift proposals


  • Decision Log
  • Action Log
  • Minutes

Substitutions and Quorum

There are no substitutions.  There is no minimum attendance.

Conflict of Interest

The CFAC will follow the UofG procedure for the management of any conflicts,  The procedure defines declaration of conflicts as a standard agenda item at the start of the meeting, the maintenance of a register of conflicts, and a process for managing all conflicts which are declared.