Payment information for suppliers

No Purchase Order, No Pay

Suppliers should be aware that the University operates a No PO No PAY policy. 

Provision of Goods and/or services should not be made until you as supplier are in receipt of a purchase order number from the University’s financial system, even if you have successfully completed a tender process and been awarded a contract.  


All invoices must be received by the University electronically and sent directly in PDF format to the Accounts Payable Team at the AP invoices address:,

and should only be sent when the goods / service has been delivered.

 Invoices must contain the following information:

  • your company name and letterhead / logo, address and contact information
  • the invoice must be addressed to the University of Glasgow
  • the correct University of Glasgow Purchase Order (PO) number
  • a unique invoice identification number
  • a clear description of what you are charging for
  • the date the goods or service were provided (supply date)
  • the date of the invoice
  • the amount(s) being charged
  • VAT amount if applicable
  • the total amount owed


Statements and Enquiries

Enquiries on any invoice payment or your account, including submission of any Statements of Account should be sent to the main Accounts Payable email address: 

Suppliers in scope for IR35 (Intermediaries Legislation)

If you have been advised by the University that you are a supplier within the scope of the Intermediaries Regulation and are deemed “employed” for tax purposes, please note that we are required to settle your invoices net of the relevant employment taxes.