Staff and student training

Staff and student training

EOD training

In conjunction with Employee and Organisational Development, the DP & FOI Office offers twice annual trainings in General Data Protection Regulation, Freedom of Information, and records management. Information on dates and enrolment is found via the EOD website. There is now also an online training for the General Data Protection Regulation which can be found on Moodle.

Training for researchers

The DP & FOI Office is now running training sessions on research data and the Genral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These sessions are intended to give both staff and postgraduates engaged in research a basic understanding of the GDPR. The training details the GDPR's impact on research data, the researchers' obligations in relation to the GDPR, and the importance of good research records management.

Staff, please enrol via the Researcher Development section of the EOD website. PG students, please get in touch directly with the DP & FOI Office at or 0141 330 6494.

Bespoke training

The DP & FOI Office offers bespoke training sessions on Genral Data Protection Regulation and Freedom of Information for staff and students. We can provide full 1.5 hour sessions, or brief overviews for presentation at staff meetings or lunchtime drop-ins. Presentations can be tailored to handling DP or FOI in an administrative and/or research context.

If you would like to arrange a training session, please contact for Data Protection training or for FOI training, or call 0141 330 6494.