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The MyGlasgow News staff newsletter is emailed to all-staff fortnightly on a Monday. The schedule is as follows:

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16 January 2022

12 January 2022



Suggest a story 

Thanks for offering us content for the MyGlasgow portal and MyGlasgow News. 

To send us a story please fill the form below and email to

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Please note: if you'd like your story to be included in the next MyGlasgow News email, you must provide the above by 10:00 the Thursday of the week before.

Internal campaigns

If you are looking to mount an internal campaign, perhaps seeking to draw attention to a new initiative or facility on campus, we strongly suggest you give us details at least one month in advance: this will allow time to create content and, if necessary, to co-ordinate with other channels such as the staff log-in SharePoint site and social media platforms. We also try to avoid running two or more internal campaigns simultaneously. It will help us present your content to the best effect if you complete the following fields.

Promote an event

If you would like to promote a University event in MyGlasgow News:

  • Ensure the event has broad enough appeal to justify sending details to all colleagues! There are more effective ways to publicise events with very specific target audiences: local mailing lists, social media, etc.
  • Add the details of your event to the University Events Calendar: Event listing request form (on campus only).
  • Once the event listing is online, send the link to: