Marking a milestone - one year until the ARC opens

With one year to go until the ARC officially opens it feels like an appropriate time to reflect on the potential the building brings for the University.  

The ARC is unique, it doesn’t belong to one area or discipline, it will provide an inclusive environment for the entire research community – open for all to access. It has been designed to facilitate collaboration and creativity, providing multi-functional spaces which can host a range of research, innovation and engagement activities.  The ARC is pivotal to the delivery of the University’s research strategy, contributing to a vibrant research community, encouraging collaboration and creativity, championing an inclusive research culture which recognises all research contributions and supports careers.  

Over the next 12 months we will focus on engaging with colleagues and research students. We want the University community to know that this space is theirs, regardless of the location of their desk. We'd like colleagues and research students to be thinking about how they can use this space next year and the year after that - what events, meetings, conferences, workshops, research activities could be held in the ARC which would help connect colleagues, communities and partners? Everyone can use these spaces and we need to ensure that they have the information needed to do this. 

After the summer there will be a series of information sessions on the ARC which will be advertised in June. I hope that you will sign-up and take the opportunity to find out more about the ARC and how to get involved.  

Working closely with the Colleges, the team are also looking at setting up research networking events to explore areas of interest which go beyond disciplines. The team will work with the Colleges to identify initial areas of focus. 

We will also be providing more information on the plans for the opening of the ARC and how you can get involved. It is going to be an extremely busy and exciting year!

Professor Andrew Tobin 

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If you would like to find out more about the ARC and want us to come and speak at an event or committee, please contact 

First published: 27 May 2021