Research Hub will be called the ARC

The Research Hub, which has been taking shape on the old Western Infirmary premises as part of the campus development programme, will be called the ARC.

The ARC, which topped out last March, will be the second building delivered through the University’s Campus Development Programme.

The ARC, which stands for Advanced Research Centre, will be the creative and collaborative heart of research at the University, with the name symbolic of the building’s goals to bridge the boundaries between research, cross subject collaboration and societal impact.

Professor Andrew Tobin is director of the ARC, which is due to open in Spring 2022: “The ARC, and the principles behind it, have been a long-term goal of the University. As a name, it encompasses our vision to conduct collaborative, out-of-reach research that has societal impact.

“The ARC isn’t just a building. We want to take a shared vision and expertise from across all areas of the University community to genuinely transform the way we do research, with the ultimate aim of changing the lives of the people, community and world around us.”

The ARC will bring world leading researchers together in a building specifically designed to break down organisational structures and facilitate collaboration. By housing diverse teams within the same building, the Arc will expose individuals and research areas to each other, increasing opportunities for cross-disciplinary working.

First published: 18 January 2021