Student Experience Committee

Terms of reference

  1. Agree and oversee implementation of a common strategy, plans and policies for non-academic aspects of student life, to be jointly led by the University and the SRC.
  2. Ensure that every student has the opportunity to enjoy and derive value from their university experience.
  3. Ensure that the University’s provision for the student experience reflects the diversity of needs within the student population (e.g. overseas, part-time, mature, visiting and disabled students, BAME students, care leavers and students with children or caring responsibilities).
  4. Review and monitor the effectiveness of services and determine their priorities, in consultation with relevant senior managers.
  5. Consider the activities and plans of the SRC, GUU, QMU and GUSA as they support the student experience.
  6. Determine and monitor key measures of the student experience and oversee the development and implementation of plans to enhance student satisfaction
  7. Consider key trends in the external environment, and consider their implications for the student experience.
  8. Report to SMG, Senate and Court and make recommendations to other relevant bodies and committees, such as the Student Finance Committee, on matters relating to these terms of reference.