Responsibilities of Elected Academic Staff Members on Court

The following list of responsibilities and personal attributes has been developed to advise those considering seeking nomination.

  • To represent the interests of academic staff on Court.
  • To attend and participate in the business of Senate and Court at their regular meetings.
  • To sit on the central committees of the University but with special reference to Court committees.
  • To participate in professorial appointment committees.
  • To participate in appointing committees for Heads of College and Heads of School.
  • To participate in the promotion processes for academic, academic related and research staff.
  • To participate in reviews of Schools and other units of the University (these may be Court reviews, Periodic Subject Reviews, etc).
  • To participate from time to time in HR matters involving staff discipline, complaints and grievance procedures.
  • Various ad hoc duties at the request of the Secretary of Court and Principal/VPs.



  • Member of academic staff at the University.
  • Broad knowledge of the University's structure and academic and administrative processes and practice.
  • Empathy with colleagues from other Schools and disciplines; able to recognise and accept differences; willingness to engage and promote collegiality.
  • Experienced in committee work and convenerships.
  • Commitment to discipline of preparing for meetings - often necessitating reading volumes of paperwork at relatively short notice.


  • Understanding of the University's financial structure and management.